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The Atlas of UK Marine Renewable Energy Resources is the most recognised source of publically available data of potential marine energy resources across UK waters.

It is regularly used to underpin decisions relating to the deployment of offshore wind, wave and tidal technologies as well as inform other decisions in the marine environment.

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Tidal:  peak flow/current, range, power
Wave: annual and seasonal mean wave height, omni-directional wave power
Wind: speed at 100m above sea level, direction

Each resource has a dedicated Atlas webGIS map selectable from the main menu under ‘Maps’. This allows you to view the key resource data layers with supporting baseline reference layers.

We also provide more detailed regional descriptions of areas of interest for both wave and tides.


> Download free tidal, wave and wind shapefiles here
> Download the Atlas as a pdf file here
> For more information on datasets used in the Atlas Call +44 (0) 2380 711879